hornby island “take-two”…

April 2012

When I first started this blog a couple of months ago I wanted it to be a way to share my photographic and travel experiences with family, friends and anyone else who might be interested.  It was also important for me to look back and document my efforts from when I purchased my first “real” camera and took some photography classes (Oct 2010).  Soon after I started up, as mentioned in my previous post “hornby island”, I was invited to participate in a photography retreat.  There’s no doubt learning in a classroom setting is informative and valuable, particularly for the technical aspects, but I don’t think you can put a price on the insights, tips and tricks gained from hanging out with professionals.  Once again, in April 2012 I had an opportunity to go, but this experience was so much more, because although we were initially brought together by our love of photography, I really do believe we’ve connected on another level, with our common interests and views on life (or not!), but more importantly, a trust that we can express ourselves honestly in each others’ company.

On reflection, the images I captured and posted in ‘hornby island – 2011’ are like the output from a homework assignment, with me constantly looking for the right light, angle and perspective – a bit like one of those ‘keener’ students who sit at the front of the class and eagerly throw up their hand when the instructor asks a question saying….(visually) “ooh, ooh, – pick me, pick me – I know the answer!”.  Let’s just say that knowing the company I was keeping, I really wanted to do well!

The irony is that hasn’t changed too much, except this time, I wanted to do well but in a more relaxed way, and that was a good lesson to learn….sometimes you just have to let things unfold they way the are meant to….don’t try too hard, but always have your camera at the ready – just in cases!

Once again, the usual suspects are:-

Jennifer Armstrong – http://www.jenniferarmstrongphotography.com/

Emily Hoskins – http://www.libertytreephotography.com/ 

Rebecca Wellman – http://www.rwellmanphotography.com/index2.php#/home/

Vicki Gannon – http://www.vickigannonphotography.com/

Jesse Holland – http://www.jessehollandphoto.com/index.html#/invest/

Jennifer Dodd – http://www.jenniferdoddphotography.com/

Alanna Clempson – http://photographybyalannaclempson.com/

Emmy-Lou McMillan – http://eaphoto.ca/

Rose Matis Dystra – http://www.simply-rose.com/

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