our lovely Laura…

April 2012

We’re very fortunate to have some fabulous friends in our lives and they will no doubt all be featured on this blog at one time or another.   The great thing about good friends is they typically afford me more patience to fiddle around with settings and lenses when they are in front of my camera and I have the urge to hit the shutter button.  This in itself is a gift, but now and again my friends actually have a practical need for the photographs I take, and for me, this really is a ‘win-win’!

Our lovely Laura is a sweet, true and empathic woman, who in recent years has studied the alternative medicine field of Homeopathy.  Since qualifying as a Homeopath, Laura has established her own practice; check out her website at http://www.greenwindowhomeopathy.com , and wanted to have some updated photos for promotional literature.  The only problem being, Laura really doesn’t enjoy having her photograph taken…. and for this reason, I was a tad apprehensive as to whether she would like any of the shots I captured of her.

As we don’t have many opportunities to visit with each other due to daily commitments, we scheduled some time on a bright early Spring afternoon and strolled around the park and seawall in Vancouver.  We spent a couple of hours walking, chatting, laughing and generally catching up on news, and all the while I was clicking away.  I have a sneaking suspicion that by the end of our visit, Laura was secretly enjoying being the focus of attention and really started to “work it”, which of course she would vehemently deny!!  Whatever enabled the change that allowed her to relax, I’m not certain, but it was successful (I think!) and here are some of the images I took with my; Lens Baby, 50 1.4 and 18-200.

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