jordie girl…

February 2012

Given that I love to take photos of people, and the most accommodating subjects I’ve had to date have been my nieces, nephews and friend’s kids, I decided earlier this year to take a photography class with a child portraiture and maternity focus.   Like most school kids, when I was going through high school I begrudged every minute of my free time that I had to surrender for homework, and looking back I have to wonder whether photography homework would have been one more chore that prevented me from hanging out with friends!  Fortunately, one of the benefits I’ve found with acquiring more life experience (getting older!) and really knowing who I am and what I want from life, is the ability to make mindful decisions about how and where to spend my time and energy, outside of work that is!

This said, I gladly spent a couple of hours completing my photography homework assignment one bright Sunday afternoon in February, at the home of my good friend Jacqui and with the help of her beautiful teenage daughter Jordanna below (Jordie to Auntie Deb!).  I’ve also slipped in a shot I took of Jordie and her friend Ariel last summer that I like. The goal was to capture child portraits in natural light.  I think I’m pretty good at seeking feedback on my work because I know that critiquing is one of the most effective ways of improving, however, there’s no doubt I’m my own best (worst) critic.  I didn’t receive any constructive feedback during class when I presented the shots below, which is unfortunate, but looking over them again as I was uploading to the blog here, I can see that some of these images would have been greatly improved with the use of a reflector disc.  I guess the take-away for me is to put some more thought into what I want to achieve before hitting the shutter release, and/or try to slow down and have a hard look at the images in camera.  It’s all a good learning experience though!

If you have any thoughts on these or any other images I post, I’d welcome your feedback too.

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