i’m one (1) already!…

January 2012

Although I don’t have any kiddie winks myself, I do receive great pleasure from being around the many children that have come into my life through dear family and friends, and take every opportunity to visit with them.  I remember as a child my parents taking me (and my siblings) for visits with their friends and often hearing comments, accompanied by a surprised expression, like – “it’s only been a year since we last saw you and look how much you’ve grown!”.  Of course, as a child this was always taken proudly as a compliment, but this type of greeting is now in my own repertoire and comes with a realization of how just how quickly time passes by….aargh!

You may recall a few posts ago I introduced Wayne, Chad & Baby Grayson and shared some of their wonderful, brave story.  Well now, Little Grayson below is a perfect example of a year going by in what feels like the blink of an eye, and Pete and I were happy to be part of his 1st birthday celebration.  For me, it was also a good measure of how my photography skills are progressing and the first time I’ve really given my SB600 flash a whirl.  I’ve been quite apprehensive about using flash (mostly because I haven’t mastered how to use it yet!) and haven’t pushed myself in this respect because I much prefer natural light in any case.  However, on this occasion the party venue wasn’t adequately lit for some of the shots I wanted to capture, so I had no choice but to move out of my comfort zone, and with the results below, I’m glad I tried!

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