winter sun…

November 2011

The west coast of Canada is sometimes referred to as ” the wet coast” and it does feel at times like we receive more than our fair share of rain at any time of year.  Notwithstanding this, I enjoy living in an environment that has 4 very definite seasons; each providing an opportunity for outdoor activities, whether it be taking a cable car to snowshoe atop a mountain in December and/or hiking up that same mountain in May after the spring thaw.  I also enjoy living in a place where summers are never too hot,  nor winters too cold and true enough the trade off may periodically be a run of grey skies, drizzle and rain, but our home doesn’t need air conditioning during the summer months, and I don’t have to shovel snow from the driveway every morning before heading to work in the winter. It’s very much individual preference I know.

Given the typically dreary weather we experience here from November to April; when the sun does have occasion to show her soft warm winter face, I tend to drop everything and head outdoors to soak up the rejuvenating rays and I often carry my camera with me.  The images below were taken around my neighborhood and during a trip to Tofino on the “wet” coast of Vancouver Island, and as you can see, the only water in sight was the ocean…!

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