land ahoy…

July 2011

There’s a downside to having a passion for photography, for me that is, I get so absorbed in the moment that I often forget it can be pretty boring and frustrating at times for those around me when I’m constantly clicking away.  Although most people may enjoy and appreciate the end product,  it’s tough for friends and family to join in and get excited about the process, particularly if you don’t like to have your photo taken in the first place…, like my good friend Mr James Cole (donning a white cap below).  Now James on the other hand has taken up a hobby that others can enjoy with him…he loves to fish, actually I may not be putting enough emphasis on this point….HE LOVES TO FISH!!!  I’ve known James (and his beautiful wife Andrea) a long time, and I know he’s not typically an early morning type guy…however, when the tides are right, he’s up at the crack of dawn with a child-like enthusiasm and heading out the door with his well stocked cooler box and a hopeful smile on his face.  So when Pete and I are visiting there’s always a chance we’ll be dining on some freshly caught Spring Salmon, Crab or Halibut.  Lucky us, you may think, but until last year there was a price to pay for our dinner and Pete (who doesn’t love or even like to fish) paid it for both of us, by tagging along with James on his little boat and sitting for hours on end with no escape from the elements, whether it be rain or shine.  He’s done this for a number of years because James is his good bud and that’s what you do when you want to hang out with your bud who loves to fish.

Given the obligatory fishing trip when visiting ‘the Coles’ in Victoria, you can imagine how excited we were to hear that James (and his business partner Mike) had invested in a new boat, with a ROOF! and a bathroom!!!   Enter the ‘CALA-SEA’ and she is a thing of beauty.  We had a perfect day last summer for our maiden voyage around Victoria harbour, after the boys had spent the morning fishing.   I expect that will be the first of many outings and with the comfort of this luxury fishing boat, I may even sign up to assist in catching my dinner!  So there you have it, we love that James loves to fish too!

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