up close and personal…

June 2011

One of the things I really love about photography is the incredibly wide variety of  perspectives, angles and details that can be captured of a subject and particularly so with the right lens.   I don’t have many lenses (3 in fact) but I’m lucky to have ‘friends with lenses’ who humour me when I fancy trying something new, but am not quite ready to part with my whole pay cheque to do so.  I’d been admiring some very cool macro shots taken by my more accomplished photog friends (Vicki & Kevin) and was eager to see what I could do myself, so when Vicki offered up her 105mm f2.8 for the weekend , I was all over it like a bad rash.

What I hadn’t anticipated was just how challenging it would be to get up close (and in focus) without the aid of a tripod.  I took a stroll along the trails in my local park one afternoon and returned with a couple of hundred shots on my card….I was pretty charged up, after all I’d have enough material now to make some calendars for gifts etc, etc. right?  WRONG….as I brought up image after image on my Mac it quickly became apparent that virtually everything I shot that looked so pretty and clear ‘in camera’, was in fact totally out of focus.  The few below are what I salvaged from the batch and I do like them, I just wouldn’t be able to put together a calendar past July!  That said, it was a worthwhile exercise all in all, and something to experiment with more before pulling the trigger on some sweet macro glass of my own!

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