hornby island…

April 2011

In the Spring of 2011 my work colleague and friend, Vicki, who knew I had an interest in photography, invited me to a weekend workshop on Hornby Island, BC.  I felt quite honoured to be invited to this event because apart from me, the rest of the group are professionals and are actually making a living out of their passion for photography.  I wasn’t sure what to expect….whether I’d fit in or even be able to keep up with the program, I mean let’s face it, I barely knew one end of my camera from the other at that time.  Notwithstanding my little apprehensions,  I do like to challenge myself when I get the opportunity, so I signed up and committed to look, listen and learn.  I also committed to cook some great food and drink some great wine, both of which I was already fairly well accomplished at!

What a wonderful experience this turned out to be on so many levels.  Hornby Island in itself is a magical place to visit and the beach front house where we stayed was the perfect, relaxed environment to get to know this fabulous group of females.  We shared stories of photography, laughed a lot, took turns to cook some very tasty food, sipped the odd glass or two of vino while chatting about our hopes and dreams, laughed some more, AND we even managed a few photo shoots to boot!

As I write this post in retrospect and remember the good times we had,  I’m also wondering what’s in store at our ‘2nd Annual Hornby Island Retreat’ coming up in just a few days, can’t wait…

The ‘photog’ gals can be seen below and are, left to right:-

Jennifer Armstrong – http://www.jenniferarmstrongphotography.com/

Emily Hoskins – http://www.libertytreephotography.com/ 

Rebecca Wellman – http://www.rwellmanphotography.com/index2.php#/home/

Deb Gale

Vicki Gannon – http://www.vickigannonphotography.com/

Jesse Holland – http://www.jessehollandphoto.com/index.html#/invest/

Jennifer Dodd – http://www.jenniferdoddphotography.com/

Alanna Clempson – http://photographybyalannaclempson.com/

Emmy-Lou McMillan – http://eaphoto.ca/

…above, the beach front location where we ‘hung-out’ for the weekend.

The pottery studio/shop was officially closed, but our local contact and hostess, Jennifer Armstrong, was able to swing a private viewing for us to see these wonderful craftsmen at work.

…fun photographing each other and a local couple, Lawrence & Michelle

(Deb photographed by Alanna Clempson)

 ..and below another treat during the weekend was to get to know Jennifer A’s family, husband Marc and little Tess.

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