my two dads…

April 2011

I first met Wayne (below left) about 15 yrs ago when I moved to Vancouver from the UK.   Needless to say, being new in town and already a couple of months since my last haircut, it was a top priority to find a great hairdresser before I started to look like the ‘wild woman of Borneo’, and I did, in Wayne.  I visited Wayne regularly at the little salon (Strutters) where he worked and we hit it off from the start with lots of chuckles along the way… and then one day, he informed me he was giving up his ‘chair’, moving into the world of high end retail, as well as starting up a design business with partner Chad (below right).  I was a tad distraught at the prospect of finding another stylist as good!  Looking back I don’t know whether or not he noticed my bottom lip quivering and perhaps felt sorry for the little English girl…but he assured me he would continue to cut my hair, it would just mean me going over to his apartment  – “not a problem” I replied.  With that, I met and came to know his awesome partner Chad through my visits to their home over the years, and I’ve followed their story through marriage, travel tales, career events and home purchases, and of course their most recent and wonderful life change….. adopting their son Grayson and becoming parents.

Below are a few shots I’ve taken over the last year and we recently celebrated Grayson’s 1st birthday which is captured in a later post.

I should mention this little guy is a true fighter…born with a heart defect, he underwent successful corrective surgery within 24 hrs of coming into the world, only for doctors to discover thereafter he has a rare condition called Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD), and without very careful monitoring of the amount of protein in his diet, it could have very serious, even fatal, consequences.  Regular trips to Children’s Hospital (where Grayson has developed a bit of a fan club I hear!)….are, and will continue to be, a normal part of the family’s routine.   This being said, Wayne and Chad have made it their business to know everything there is to know about MSUD, so they can care for Grayson and teach him the skills to care for himself as he grows.

Alas….due to conflicting work schedules etc., Wayne stopped cutting my hair a few years ago, but I’m glad to say we’ve remained friends and it’s been such a pleasure for Pete and I to see little Grayson come into his and Chad’s life…..they so wanted a child, and after a number of disappointments, he’s definitely been worth the wait.  I’m sure you’ll agree he looks like the healthy and happy boy we know he is and this can only be attributed to his courageous spirit, and the love and devotion of his two dads!

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