in the beginning…

I took a basic digital photography class with Focal Point in Vancouver, and 2 weeks into the 10 week course figured out that my ‘hyrbrid’ camera at the time; Panasonic Lumix, was not going to cut it as I’d hoped.  I was going crazy trying to get a shot for a homework assignment that demonstrated a “shallow depth of field’.  I think Pete got tired of seeing me moping around and trying to take photos of his feet while he lay on the couch, with feet in focus and background blurred.  As he often does, he put things in perspective and pointed out that I was going to get a better camera at some point, so I may as well just spend some cash now and have a good camera for the class (I love that guy!).  So I did and justified the cost as my Nov 2010, Xmas 2010 and Nov 2011 birthday and xmas gifts!   Enter my Nikon D90 with 50mm 1.8 prime and 18-200 mm lenses.

Success….water fountain, English Bay, Vancouver but hard to make out Stanley Park in the background because I shot wide open to creat a shallow depth of field!!

…..and a few more shots from the Intermediate course in Spring 2011.

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