first time out…

December 2010

…after taking the basic photography course I was keen to get out into the real world and shoot some images using the correct camera settings and composition principles for the situation.  The opportunity presented itself during Christmas 2010 when Pete and I went to stay with our dear friends James & Andrea Cole, in Victoria, BC, for the holiday break.  Andrea’s mom, Shirley and her man Grant hosted us for Christmas dinner and it was a real treat, particularly given the fact that Pete rarely has the time off between Christmas and New Year due to scheduling at his work.

As you’ll see below…I kinda went to town on the whole “shallow depth of field” thing, but also captured a few other OK images given it was my first time out.

(all captured with 50mm 1.8 lens and no flash)

…my beautiful friend Andrea and her lovely mom, Shirley….;

…and not to forget the husbands!

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